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Poppin’ Cranberry Sauce

Every Thanksgiving, my aunt Patty tells us about the cranberry sauce they used to make as kids. She says that when the sauce starts to heat up, the cranberries start to POP, and she and her siblings used to watch the pot of sauce and cheer as each cranberry burst open. That image is pretty […]

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Roasted Broccoli

When I was a kid, we ate steamed broccoli. We didn’t like it, but we had to eat it before we could leave the table. Those were the rules. The classic solution to the problem didn’t work–the dog wouldn’t eat it either. Many meals in the Murphy household ended with slow, resentful chewing. Then one […]

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Eat Locally-Grown, Seasonal Produce

Here’s another reason to eat locally-grown, seasonal produce. NPR reports on Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland:How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, talks about why today’s fruit has less nutritional value and less flavor than the same fruit did 50 years ago. “As one large Florida farmer said, ‘I don’t get paid a […]

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Wisdom from 1833

From The Frugal American Housewife, General Maxims for Health: Rise early. Eat simple food. Take plenty of exercise. Never fear a little fatigue. Let not children be dressed in tight clothes; it is necessary their limbs and muscles should have full play, if you wish for either health or beauty. Avoid the necessity of a […]

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Old School Cookbook

I just got this in the mail, and I’m pretty excited about it. Originally published in 1833, The American Frugal Housewife is “dedicated to those who are not ashamed of economy,” and was written by a woman calling herself Mrs. Child. She turns out to be Lydia Maria Child, who was a novelist, journalist, American […]

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Salad Builder

Not all salads are created equal. Bacon bits are not your friend when it comes to salad. Neither are iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing. There are a lot of ways to turn something totally low calorie, packed full of vitamins and minerals, and healthful into something that’s…well, not. The salads we’re talking about here are […]

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Sustainable Farming, continued

This is kind of a dark parody, but it’s good information on the way meat is conventionally raised and slaughtered. The Meatrix:

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A Week in the Life of a Sustainable Chicken Farmer

The Huffington Post has a really neat series called Food Informants, a week-in-the-life series that profiles people in the food world. This week features Terry and Jane Levan, who own and operate a 20 acre pastured poultry farm outside Lexington, Texas. This warmed my heart: 6:30am: The post office calls to let me know that […]

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Happy Chickens!

I’ve been known to go on vegetarian kicks every now and then. In college, I went vegan for about 6 months after I saw a really graphic video about the treatment of commercially-raised chickens. I’m not going to post it, but if you’re really curious, Google “chicken farming cruelty,” and you’re sure to find something […]

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No-Mayo Tuna Salad

Hello everyone! I’m Carolyn, the newbie over here at Zipongo. I cook, run, and practice yoga. While I’m certainly no expert on any of these things, I’m passionate about all of them. I also try really hard to eat healthy. At least, most of the time. Sometimes, I go for beers after work. I share […]

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