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Lamb Leg Steaks with Garlic and Rosemary

This recipe goes really well with Mashed Cannellini Beans with Roasted Garlic and Herbs. 1 clove garlic, crushed and peeled a handful of fresh rosemary, leaves picked and finely chopped 1/8 tsp sea salt 2 tbsp EVOO half the zest of 1 lemon juice of 1 lemon 1lb lamb leg steaks 1. Mix garlic through […]

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Meatballs with Whole Grains and Veggies

Here’s one way to sneak some whole grains and veggies into your diet! The quinoa also works to stretch your food dollar–more meatballs=more money saved on meat! 1 lb lean ground beef ¾ c quinoa, cooked and cooled to room temperature ¼ c finely chopped onions ¼ c grated carrots ¼ c grated zucchini 2 […]

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Pork Gyros with Yogurt-Tomato Sauce

Leftover Pork Tenderloin Medallions 1 ½ cups plain nonfat yogurt 2 handfuls sugar plum tomatoes, quartered 2 tbsp fresh dill, chopped 2 tbsp capers, drained 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp red wine vinegar pita breads 1 red onion, halved and thinly sliced 1 cucumber, halved and thinly sliced ~2 handfuls arugula 1. Mix yogurt […]

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Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin

1 lb pork tenderloin sea salt freshly ground black pepper 1 clove garlic, minced 4 tbsp grainy Dijon mustard 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar ½ tsp dried leaf thyme, crumbled 1. Wash and trim the pork and pat dry. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Place pork in the slow cooker. 2. Combine […]

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Pork Tenderloin Medallions

Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Rosemary Balsamic Reduction 1 tbsp EVOO 1 shallot, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup Colavita balsamic vinegar 1 large pinch of sugar 1 palmful fresh rosemary leaves, chopped 1 tsp Dijon mustard cooking spray 1 (1 lb) pork tenderloin, cut in 1 inch slices ½ tsp sea salt ½ tsp […]

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The Epic Battle Continues

This weekend, I was dogsitting for my mom, so I had the opportunity to go head-to-head with my nemesis. As you may remember, my one previous grilling experience was mostly disastrous. But, I learned that marinating your meat is a super easy way to reduce the production of the carcinogens that result from grilling. This […]

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How a Grilling Failure Resulted in Healthy Burger Recipes

My first solo grilling attempt was…a learning experience, at best. Fortunately, it turned out to be pretty valuable, because I learned some important stuff about cooking food in a healthy way. It happened a few weeks ago, I had grilled once before (albeit under heavy supervision), so I didn’t think I’d have any trouble this […]

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New! Daily Meals and Workouts

Hello! This is Andrew Duffy, your friendly Food and Fitness Editor for Zipongo. We’ve been getting some great feedback on Zipongo and how we can help you live healthier, and many of you have asked for guidance on how to incorporate the Healthy Deals into your meals and a healthy lifestyle. So, starting today, we’re […]

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4th of July – Celebrate with Zipongo!

On July 4th 1776, Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, marking the formation of the United States of America. Those were the days when you could write the Declaration of Independence, shed the yoke of British rule, and invent a plow and macaroni machine in your spare time – you go Thomas Jefferson!  Life was […]

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