What Oils Should You Cook With?

Fat is such an important ingredient in cooking — using the right kind of cooking oil is a key element in making food that’s appealing and tasty. But not all cooking oils are created equal: Some oils are better for cooking and baking, while others are more suited to making vinaigrette or dressing a finished dish. And […]

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Five Hidden Sources of Sugar

Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to figure out which foods come loaded with sugar. There are the expected sources like soda, candy and cookies. Other times, heavy doses of added sugars show up in places you might not realize. Next time you take a trip down the grocery aisle, keep a look out for these five […]

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Three Healthy Snack Ideas

We’ve all experienced the 3 o’clock slump. It’s usually only remedied by two things: coffee and a snack. You reach for a banana, but it’s not as filling as you thought it would be. That’s because your body isn’t getting all of the nutrients it needs to feel full and satisfied. Building a healthy snack […]

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How to Build a Green Smoothie

It’s easy to look cool while you’re drinking a green smoothie. We here at Zipongo prefer smoothies over juices because they keep the whole fruit and veggie intact. This helps your body better absorb all of the good stuff. What goes into a green smoothie? Lots of things can! For a tasty, health-boosting treat, follow these […]

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Five Foods to Beat Stress

Life is stressful. Whether it’s work, school, family or the seemingly increasing number of weddings you’re getting invited to, it’s hard to juggle and cope with everything without the occasional stress-eating. (Binging on potato chips or cookies sound familiar to you?). That said, the key to feeling better might just be at the end of your fork. […]

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Five Popular Health Foods That Aren’t Really Healthy

Nowadays so many foods come with health claims attached that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are actually good for you. With every diet trend hitting the market, a new brand of “miracle cookie” comes out promising to make you healthier. Next time you take a trip down the grocery aisle, beware of these […]

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Drinking Alcohol in a Healthy Diet

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, you’re probably gearing up to celebrate—and it’s very likely alcoholic beverages will play a part of the festivities. The question is: How big or small a part should alcohol play? The good news is that drinking alcohol in moderation has health benefits. That said, drinking in excess will negatively […]

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Restaurants 101: Thai

Ordering healthy food at a restaurant can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the ingredients used in each dish. Thai food in particular is unique because it’s made with a variety of spices not used in other cuisines. Made with whole-food ingredients, Thai food relies more on these natural spices to flavor dishes rather […]

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Wiser Wednesdays #10: I’m Feeling Chippy

Let’s face it: Sometimes lunch sandwiches need a side of chips. The problem is, most traditional chip varieties are too oily and salty to eat every day. The good news is that there are now tons of new chip varieties made with anything except the traditional white potato. Last Wednesday, we taste-tested six popular varieties […]

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3 Diet Tips for Your Father

As we all know, food can provide us with energy. However, with the right diet, it can also help you fight certain diseases. Here are some nutrition tips for you to share with your father just in time for Father’s Day (brother or husband can benefit from this too!) 1. Heart Disease Heart disease is […]

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