Drinking Alcohol in a Healthy Diet

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, you’re probably gearing up to celebrate—and it’s very likely alcoholic beverages will play a part of the festivities. The question is: How big or small a part should alcohol play? The good news is that drinking alcohol in moderation has health benefits. That said, drinking in excess will negatively […]

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Restaurants 101: Thai

Ordering healthy food at a restaurant can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the ingredients used in each dish. Thai food in particular is unique because it’s made with a variety of spices not used in other cuisines. Made with whole-food ingredients, Thai food relies more on these natural spices to flavor dishes rather […]

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Wiser Wednesdays #10: I’m Feeling Chippy

Let’s face it: Sometimes lunch sandwiches need a side of chips. The problem is, most traditional chip varieties are too oily and salty to eat every day. The good news is that there are now tons of new chip varieties made with anything except the traditional white potato. Last Wednesday, we taste-tested six popular varieties […]

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3 Diet Tips for Your Father

As we all know, food can provide us with energy. However, with the right diet, it can also help you fight certain diseases. Here are some nutrition tips for you to share with your father just in time for Father’s Day (brother or husband can benefit from this too!) 1. Heart Disease Heart disease is […]

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Top 5 Healthy Summer Tips

Summer is here, which means there will lots of sun, fun, and good food to enjoy. Sticking to healthy eating during summer can be tricky, especially with endless snack tables, barbecues, and ice cream shops around. Here are some easy, healthy tips that can make summer enjoyment a little lighter. 1. Hydrate Right Hot summer weather […]

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Do you know about BPA?

BPA is a chemical found in plastic containers and metal cans. You might have spotted reusable bottles that have a sticker saying “BPA-free” on them. The use of BPA is controversial, because too much of it may have some negative health effects. What is BPA? BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical used to make […]

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Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index, or BMI, has been used for many years as a way to estimate a person’s body composition. You may have stumbled upon BMI calculators on the web and entered in your height and weight. Calculating your BMI is a helpful way to learn where you stand in terms of disease risk. However, […]

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Mercury in Fish

You might have heard about the numerous health benefits of eating more fish. They are one the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA (two powerful omega-3 fatty acids not found in plant foods). However, you may also be concerned that eating more fish may pose the risk of consuming too much […]

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Healthy Spring Desserts

Entertaining this weekend? These easy, nutrient-packed desserts are great for Spring get-togethers. Apple Cranberry Crumble Serves 4 Filling 3 cups chopped apple with skin 1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries 2 tsp brown sugar 1 tsp cornstarch 1 tbsp of lemon juice Crumble Top 2 tsp brown sugar 2 tsp whole wheat flour 2 tbsp […]

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The Heartbleed Bug Update

You may be wondering about CVE-2014-0160 (aka the Heartbleed Bug) in OpenSSL. Zipongo is happy to report that there is no evidence that our servers have been affected. This can be validated here. However, in order to secure our data from this point forward, we’ve: updated all of our servers with the latest patch to […]

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